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Dr. Kleeman: What a great job you did

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Dear Dr. Kleeman, what a great job you did on Alyssa’s ankle surgery!

She had been in pain for over 5 years, and told by several doctors that there was nothing that could be done. She is now back to dancing and has been performing better than ever.

Mike, Michelle & Alyssa Svinte


We couldn’t be happier.

My daughter recently had surgery on her left foot and leg by Dr. Kleeman and we couldn’t be happier.

The care, concern, and professionalism of Dr. Kleeman and his staff was exceptional. He is an excellent surgeon, highly knowledgeable, and cares for his patients. We are lucky to have found a talented and extraordinary surgeon so close to home!

R. Fitzgerald  

Dr. Bast: Thank you

Thank you and, I have NO doubt in my mind, if you need a Doctor to help you? Dr. Bast is the best one.

If you can, please, trust based on my experience over 5 years….



Dr. Soojian: I’d Recommend Dr. Soojian to Anyone Without Hesitation!

It has been twelve weeks since I first visited OrthoConnecticut, and I can confidently say that they did all the right things.

Today, the arm that I fractured feels little to no pain and continues to improve everyday. The staff are extremely knowledgeable, responsive, kind, and excellent at walking through medical specifics with patients. While I’m sure all the doctors onsite are excellent, I’d recommend Dr. Soojian to anyone without hesitation! Thanks so much for everything, OrthoConnecticut!

Gregory Austin


Dr. Frank: Best Ortho in Connecticut!

Dr. Frank is hands down the best Ortho in Connecticut!

I am 33 and had to have my left and right shoulders repaired. I had my labrum and rotator cuff repaired on both shoulders. He did such a great job with the first operation that once I moved from the East Coast I flew all the way from the West Coast just to see him. He is very friendly, courteous, and to the point. He is very thorough in explaining your diagnosis, and he listens! Which is very rare in my experience with doctors. Although he is a surgeon… he is not surgery happy which is great. He believes that the physical therapy you receive is just as important as the surgery, and that surgery should be a last resort. I have recovered wonderfully thanks to Dr. Frank and his expertise.

Christina Murray


Dr. Ciminiello: Three-month torn meniscus surgery update

I can't tell you how thankful I am and how happy I am that I was able to recover so quickly and to be honest, I feel like I came back stronger than I was before.

I just wanted to let you know where I am roughly 3 months after surgery on the torn meniscus. So for our lifting testing in late September, I was able to squat 325 for 4 without any pain, dead lifted 315 for 6 without any pain, hang cleaned 215, ran a 6.7 60 yard dash with no pain, played a whole fall season with sliding, diving, changing direction, hitting, and crow hop and throwing without any pain. I have full range of motion and can do the act of sliding, which hurt me in the first place, with minimal effort and pain. And I'm pretty sure I can dunk now too.

Thought you'd appreciate the update and also to know you had another successful surgery.

Many thanks,

Mike D.


Dr. Frank: I couldn’t be happier

Dr. Frank has performed surgery on both of my shoulders and I couldn’t be happier.

After chronic dislocations, I’ve been pain-free since surgery. He’s very straight-forward, always remembers your situation and gets my vote of confidence.

Andrew C  

Dr. Fletcher: I recommend him fully without reservations

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Doc Fletcher is the very best diagnostician I have ever come across in my 50 plus years in the sport of track and field.

I have witnessed this with both my athletes and myself personally (coach’s injuries!!) He was always spot on with the injury and his guidance helped the athlete return to competition without any set backs. I recommend him fully without reservations

Harry Marra, Combined Events Coach
Oregon Track Club Elite
2012 USA NIKE Coach of the Year


Dr. Frank: Very compassionate

Dr. Frank is the best.

He is a very compassionate doctor and very talented surgeon. I would recommend him highly and I have to many people.

Teresa Bernier


Dr. Brand: I am thrilled!

Thank you so much for taking care of my torn ACL and meniscus last March.

It was a tough experience and I could not have asked for a better doctor. My knee has held up great (no pain or swelling!) through everything I have done. I truly appreciate all that you did for me. Thanks again!!

Check out my year:

March 2010-March 2011
Mar 2010 - ACL Surgery
Nov 2010 - District XC Champion
Dec 2010 - Junior Olympic XC Nationals
Mar 2011 - 1600 District Champion/Record Holder
Mar 2011 - 2400 District Champion/Record Holder
Dec 2010 - Feb 2011 Point Guard - Lake Travis Middle School

Kristen Pitts


Dr. Polifroni: Thank you for the great results


Dear Dr. Polifroni, thank you for the great results on my hip replacement!

My surgery was Monday afternoon and I was released by Thursday morning and back to work in 3 weeks. You have returned me to a life without the horrible, constant pain and I am grateful that I received such excellent care so close to home.

Debra Hanson


Dr. Kleeman: A fine job during surgery

20151015 091236

On December 17th I fell and broke my femur while playing pickle ball at the Norwalk Senior Center.

At Norwalk Hospital that night, Dr. Jay Kleeman operated on me and inserted a rod in my left leg. As a result of the fine job done during surgery as well as the support and encouragement he offered me during my rehabilitation, I was able to travel to Greece and on October 17th (10 months after surgery) I climbed to the top of the Acropolis. Thank you Dr. Kleeman!

Chris C.